Our Services

We focus our efforts on three key services for our small business clients


Small Business Accounting
Let our experts keep your books so that you can focus on running the business.  We will make sure your books are kept up to date by making all necessary entries, reconciling your accounts and creating a monthly financial package that includes your balance sheet, income statement and applicable analytics.

Payroll is time consuming and can be complicated.  We offer various solutions to support your payroll needs so that your employees are paid timely and accurately and all applicable taxes filed and paid as required.

QuickBooks Setup and Support
QuickBooks is a great software package whether you use the on-line or desktop version.  However, initial set up and on-going support may challenge even the most advanced QuickBooks users.  Let our QuickBooks Pro Advisors assist you with your set-up and on-going support needs.

Accounts Payable/Accounts Receivables
Although most clients do these functions on their own, we are happy to help in these areas as part of our regular services we provide.


Tax Planning
Minimizing the taxes you or your business pays starts with a solid tax plan.   We spend the time up front and throughout the year to make sure we understand your business and overall financial position.  This knowledge, combined with our tax expertise, allows us to make sure you not only comply with tax regulations but legally reduce the taxes you pay.

Tax Preparation for Businesses
Our on-going support of your business allows us to make sure you pay all required taxes as needed (sales, payroll, income).  In addition, regardless of your business structure, we will make sure your business tax returns takes full advantage of all deductions, credits and programs available to your business.

Tax Preparation for Individuals
Tax laws are complicated and ever changing.  Our experts stay on top of these changes and, in concert with the tax planning strategy developed in advance, make sure your personal taxes are filed correctly and timely with the least tax obligation possible.  In addition, if needed, we will represent you with the IRS if your tax return is audited. 



PPP and COVID Related Relief
We are well versed in the Paycheck Protection Program and can support your efforts to apply for loan forgiveness (and new loans if additional funding is approved by Congress).  In addition, we are well versed in the lesser known options for employer tax relief available under the CARES and FFCRA programs.

Acquisition Due Diligence
If you are in the market to buy an existing business, we can be a valuable member of your team and help you review financial data, offering memorandums and other data shared with you.  Although any acquisition decision ultimately resides with you, we view our role as a devil's advocate and will ask the tough questions we'd want answered if it were our money being invested.  

New Business Formation
Whether you have started a new business or purchased an existing one, there are important decisions that have to be made up front on entity structure.  We can help you decide on the best type of entity and, with the help of our partners, prepare and file the necessary documents in order to set-up your LLC, S-Corp, C-Corp, Sole Proprietorship or Partnership.

Financial Planning and Budgeting
As Winston Churchill said, "he who has no plan is planning to fail".  We can help you avoid this by working with you to develop a budget and financial plan that supports your business.  Owning your own business is hard enough but if you don't have a plan to measure your results against, it can become even more difficult to determine what is working and what needs to be changed.  As your trusted advisor, we will use the knowledge of your business and others that we support to make sure you have a sound budget to guide your operations.

Part Time CFO and Management Consulting
Most small businesses do not have staffing levels to support having their own CFO.  Look at our company as an extension of your management team so that we can help fill that void.  With extensive experience in corporate America as well as small business, we bring sound financial advice and solutions to the table so that your business can thrive financially while you focus on taking care of customers and your employees.